I have a neighbor that “burns” cardboard to dispose of it.
Another resident around the corner was discussing trash pickup with me and stated that the city doesn’t pick up cardboard.
Seems these are two persons who misunderstand the City ban on cardboard. Maybe there are others, thus this column.

The City, by State mandate, CANNOT pick up cardboard in the REGULAR trash pick up.

They do pick up cardbaord as part of the recycling pickup.

The City has on their website and I believe they have sent the same notice to all residents, this statement;

How can I dispose of my cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes recycled curbside must be cut and flattened to a size no greater than 36“x 36”x36” in order to fit into the recycling truck. While bundling is okay, multiple pieces of flattened cardboard boxes may also bplaced under your recycling bins or standing up byour recycling bins. Cardboard can also be mixed together with other paper items (e.g. newspapers, magazines, mail) for recycling. Flattened cardboard can also be dropped ofrecycling in containers located at the DPW Yard on Lindberg Street off of Mystic Ave. Pizza boxes are considered as soiled, cannot be recycled and can be thrown in the trash.

Where can I get more recycling bins?

Recycling bins are available at the DPW Yard on Lindberg Ave off of Mystic St. (978-983-8865). You can also make your own recycling bin by reusing a container that you already have. Clearly mark it in water-proof ink as a recycling container, or pick up colorful recycling decals at the DPW Yard or DPW office in City Hall.

I need to state that driving into the Town Yard is easy but finding which door to enter is an eany-meany kind of proposition. The markings on the doors should be re-written so it is clear to residents which door to enter for business. Once inside it is a straightforward process, provide ID and sign for your bins. (2 per customer, I believe).

Here are some further notes from the City page to help with recycling.

Reducing your trash by a few pounds a week is easy:
• Recycle ALL clean paper (e.g.mail, catalogues) and cardboard—if it RIPS, you can Recycle it! Recycling all paper and cardboard saves $.
• Turn spoils into soils — compost organic food scraps.
• Include ALL #1 – #7 plastic, metal and glass containers in your bin.
• Give unwanted stuff away: go to
Membership is free, and everything posted must be FREE, legal and appropriate for all ages. To view the items being given away or sought in Methuen, you must be a member of the local group. To view the local group posts, visit the local Yahoo Group where they are located by clicking on the link above.
• Reduce Trash! Buy products with less packaging

We all need to assist to make this program work. It saves the City and the residents money. Cardboard CAN be recycled. Recycle!

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  1. #1jgodsey @ 2009-11-4 11:21

    i am really annoyed that the cardboard recycling dumpsters have been moved to the transfer station. it makes it very inconvenient for those of us who don’t use city pickups.

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