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The list is my recommendations for Charter Commission members. I generated this list by speaking to all these individuals at various times over the past few months. They appear to be 9 persons without to much political baggage and who are sincere at looking at our charter. I avoided the NAME candidates. They don’t need my plug.

All but one person are active members of Citizens for a Better Government.

Isn’t this a new millenium?
Don’t elect the same people who brought us here.
Let’s take a fresh look at our charter.
Time for new faces and fresh eyes to review where we are.
Support active progressive thoughtfull citizen neighbors.
Fresh faces, fresh ideas, a fresh breeze for the New Millenium in Methuen

Elect for Charter Commission:
Sheila Alartosky
Steve Devan
Paula Drelick
Joan Mannke
Eric McAdam
Gerald McCall
Sharon Ployer
Larry Retelle
Lyle Wilson

Vote on November 3rd.

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  1. #1jgodsey @ 2009-11-2 23:17

    i agree with your choices. good independent minds.

  2. #2Jack Burke @ 2009-11-4 09:17

    Thank you for the feedback. Shame that NAME politicos took the Commission seats.
    You KNOW that I will be following this closely.

  3. #3Alex Vannett @ 2009-11-4 09:18

    It is very hard to overcome brand name recognition and incumbency in any election. I applaude the effort and right to campagain that the new Methuen candidates evoked. Congratulations to the newcomers.

    “To the victor goes the spoils”… W. Shakespeare

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