Heard on the radio; credit to Jamie Atkinson and George Scione.
Ken Willett, 3-term City Councilor, soon to be 3-term School Committeeman, Member Commission on Disabilities, executive with Methuen Exchange Club,  will definetly run for Mayor in 2011.

Rumor has it that James Jajuga, a retired State Police drug investigator, six-term state senator and former secretary of the Department of Public Safety,  president and CEO of Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, will also run for Mayor here in Methuen.

Here is something I have never understood. If the open meeting law does not allow serial communication on an issue, how can the next City Council Chair already be determined? Rumor is flying that the determination is made.
I wrote down what I have heard as to the outcome.This is the third time that I have seen this occur. Seems there may have been a reason for the Ethics Commission to request Council records.

Heard that next year, we will have a challenger for Representative Campbell. The focus will be on females. Seems Deb Quinn, whom I asked to have censured, is considering a run to the State Capital. Are they looking for a boat ramp in the harbor?

The Charter Commission will finally meet. Some elected officials have apparently no understanding of Open Meeting laws. Heard a rumor that someone who liked to misrepresent the Citizens for Better Government position prior to the election has been trying to subvert the law. Will the election results hold when they pick the Chair, vice-chair and secretary positions? We’ll have to wait and see. Hope they also decide to have a treasurer. That is at their option. My other hope is that they decide to have multiple public hearings, at multiple locations across the city. Would be great to have them hold public hearings similar to the Master plan. At locations throughout the city to really test sentiment of the populace.

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  1. #1Jack Burke @ 2009-11-24 11:26

    Through the show, both television and radio, politically active, I have learned that Debbie Quinn is considering a run for the Massachusetts Legislature.
    Don’t count Phil Lahey out of that race either. Seems he has strong feelings about investigating a Representative run.

  2. #2Jack Burke @ 2009-11-29 10:30

    In today’s Eagle Tribune under “Don’t Print that” is the following article
    “In the running

    Methuen City Councilor Deborah Quinn just lost her bid for re-election, but she’s not about to walk away from politics.

    She said on Methuen Community Television’s “Politically Active” show last week that she is interested in running for either mayor after Manzi finishes his third and final term in two years, or state representative against incumbent Linda Dean Campbell next year.

    When she was asked which seat she wants more, everything Quinn said was about going into the State House, not City Hall.”

    Read it at

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