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Stimu…What? (2010-1-31)

The media has today reported that Governor Patrick claims 14,000 new jobs have been created from the so-called stimulus package. This is reported at the same time that the unemployement rate ,again, increased in Massachusetts, to 9.1%. The bottom line is that Job creation, real job creation, long term job creation is lagging sorely behind […]

28th Amendment to US Constitution (2010-1-30)

I receive, just as you do, lots of emails that are chain-letter types. I do not support chain letters and they all end with me. However, I read them to see what they are about and sometimes I check into them for friends who send them to me. I use to check veracity. They […]

MassDEP Notices (2010-1-28)

Found this section of the Mass DEP website. They list Orders and Consent Decrees issued during a year. I sorted, using the Find function, by Methuen and this came up for last year , 2009. 2/18/09: MassDEP issued a Unilateral Order and $14,000 Penalty Assessment Notice to Kim’s Cleaners for Hazardous Waste and Air Quality […]

Are they people? (2010-1-26)

The United States Supreme Court, without the use of stem cells has created a new person. What science has been unable to do and what so many have feared, since Mary Shelley,and Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus has come into existence. Starbucks, Sears, Roebuck and Comcast or Verizon are now people. They have the right […]

Immigration ?Policy? (2010-1-24)

I was reading about immigration in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune. The article was written by an AP (Associated Press) writer. It is not on-line at the Tribune site but is at the Boston Herald. I noticed that there are all types of advocacy groups. I began to find links to these groups and will provide […]

Health success (2010-1-23)

In order for a municipality to succeed in “containing” it’s rising health care costs, it must take a holistic approach to it’s employees. This does not mean offering a smorgasboard of services but offering services and incentives to the employee and their family members. Business Week recently published an article about how Human Resource departments, […]

Just for fun (2010-1-23)

As seen on the Dr. Phil show. Go to this website and “Take the test” What animal are you? Interesting results. Great conversation starter.

Vehicle Policy update (2010-1-23)

As is my wont, I was surfing the State webs when I came across this gem. From the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Employer Provided Vehicle Employers who provide their employees with cars (or other highway motor vehicles) must determine the actual value of the employees’ personal use of the cars. The value for personal use […]

Methuen Education Association (2010-1-21)

From the National Education Association website; NEA’s Vision, Mission, and Values Adopted at the 2006 NEA Representative Assembly The National Education Association We, the members of the National Education Association of the United States, are the voice of education professionals. Our work is fundamental to the nation, and we accept the profound trust placed in […]

Solution found? (2010-1-15)

Received an email this morning. This was it’s content. Read, Think about and comment. I have included a link to the original publication if you wish to verify this. This was edited and sent out as a chain letter. The original idea was by a David Otterson of Largo Florida. Dear Mr. President, Please find […]