Low Key or lame duck?

Inaugurations of Mayor Manzi and rest of that city’s newly elected leaders

Monday, January 4th, 2009 at 7 p.m. in the Great Hall in City Hall.

The event is free and open to all.
Reception to immediately follow refreshments to be served.

The above notice was found on Methuen Commons.

Very little in the Eagle Tribune or any of the other press outlets in the City.

Had a difficult time finding the first Council meeting of the new year. It will be tomorrow.

There is still no agenda for the meeting posted.

I am hoping in the New year that we will have more information posted on the Council website. Maybe they will clean the site up and make it more user friendly instead the current jumble.

I hear that Jack Cronin will be the new Chair and Jeanne Pappalardo is set to be the Vice-Chair. How they do this without violating the open meeting law has always amazed me.

We are getting promotions in the Fire Department. Probably see the same members that were at the budget hearings arrive to applaud the promotions. (Turn that frown upside down!)

Don’t forget to set January 19th on your calander as the Civil Service Commission arrives in town to hold a hearing on Fire Department reserve officer hiring practices. Seem to be the same problems as the Police. These of course, have been corrected and new practices installed to eliminate the stench of nepotism that flows over these hiring fiasco’s.

Round and round we go….

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  1. #1jgodsey @ 2010-1-4 19:25

    oh jack, i never get anything from the city first…
    Apparently they just keep re-editing the same original post as I can’t find the one that ran on Friday. Methuen’s notice is slipped at the bottom.

    I do agree that for general info the city site is a bit convoluted and could use some adjusting.

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