Talent Bank redux

At a recent Methuen City Council meeting there was discussion on two topics that dealt with appointed boards.
During these discussions on appointments two “issues” seem to always crop up.
One issue is a quasi-distinction between paid boards and unpaid boards. The second issue is about board vacancies.

Boards, by statute are boards. there is no distinction in the Municipal code between paid and unpaid. Though one can reqeust an interest in any board, the application does not list which are paid and which are not. This argument crops up and is truly moot, except in the mind of the arguer. Appointment is appointment and the rules for how one applies and how one is chosen does not make any distinction between boards.
The reality is that some boards do receive a stipend for service. One will not get rich serving on these boards.
Let us put aside this specious argument.
From an appointee perspective, there is no difference between boards and thus rules should apply equally amongst all the boards.
Any vacancies are not a result of the appointees not coming forward. the problem is that the rules to advertise hold a clause that makes it unworkable. Thus, the administration and the legislative branch of City government ignore the rule.
Instead of changing or updating the rule to make it compatible with the reality of the day, they ignore it.As stated in the meeting there are board vacancies. There are also, talent bank applications on file. We do not know how many are on file still. The administration does not discuss that information. We are not privy to how long these applications are kept on file. We do not know why, if there are vacancies and applicants for positions, no action is being taken?

Through Freedom of Information requests I can confirm that the City website does show 19 Boards and Commissions, as stated. That is not all the Boards and Commissions. Only the ones that the City chose to mention.
On these Boards and Commissions are 114 positions. Of these positions only 9 are vacant at the present time. That is 7.89%. This percentage is lower than the Cities unemployement rate. I know that at least one position could be filled with my application which has been on file with the Mayors office since his first election.

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  1. #1Jesse Bringer @ 2010-3-24 03:29

    Thanks for your own concerns, I am in agreement that we should all undertake much more care of our self.

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