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Reading is fun and mental! (2010-4-17)

I came across this in the meeting notes for the Methuen School Committee. They are required to vote on School Choice each year. These are the minutes from TRANSCRIPT OF PUBLIC RECORD OF THE METHUEN SCHOOL COMMITTEE BUSINESS SESSION OF May 12, 2008. I transcribed exactly as record states. (Simple cut and Paste) Please read […]

2010 Census Return Rate (2010-4-15)

How well or poorly is your neighborhood doing at returning United States Census Forms for 2010? Want to Know? This is from the Census Bureau; It is updated daily. The Census Bureau 2010 slogan is TAKE 10. Check here; City Map If you enter your zip code, a map will appear. It is color coded […]

Thinking about Unemployement (2010-4-11)

As the City begins looking at another bleak budget forecast and negotiations with it’s labor unions, let’s hope they keep these numbers in mind. The State of Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Unemployment Assistance has released the latest data on unemployement for all of Massachusetts and the Cities and Towns […]