Citizens for a Better Government.

Ran across this article from 2008. It is in the Valley Patriot

I reproduce it here but it can be read on line also.

Methuen Group Assembles to Change Methuen’s Charter

Jack Burke

Our current Federal system of government did not spring “full born” into existence. It took 11 years to get from a Declaration of Independence to a functional Constitutional Government. During that time there was much discussion and review of government format by diverse citizens.

Similarly, Methuen now has a group dedicated to the same type of discussion and review. The newly formed Citizens for a Better Government has come into existence to discuss and review the existing City Charter. The group is formed by a diverse cross section of active Methuenites to create a citizen driven Charter Study Commission under Massachusetts general law.

The elected Executive Committee is made up of President Pat Uliano, Vice President Sid Harris, Treasurer Alex Vannett, Clerk Kathleen Corey Rahme and Secretary Sharon Ployer.
The group has been meeting monthly at the Methuen VFW ,Arnold Greenwood Post 8349, 26 River Street. They invite everyone to come, listen and decide for yourself.

Every new member is asked, “Why are you here? What are your concerns? What should be changed?” These responses have become a framework for a series of non-binding ballot questions which the group hopes will be on the Presidential ballot this November (2008). This is a way to tap the pulse of Methuen’s 46,000 plus citizenry.

Some of the major items being discussed are the form of government, mayor or manager or a combination. Can a balance between the Administrative and Legislative bodies be struck? What are your feelings on term limits. Should they stay the same? Become permanent (serve for x time and that’s the end). Should terms be 2 ,3 or 4 years? How many terms should be allowed? Should we review other voting processes? E-voting?

One item becomes clear early when meeting members of this group. They believe that one needs to “Think Positive.”

This is becoming a mantra. They are looking for best practices in Government in a fashion similar to the private sector search for best practice.

The group is leading a petition drive to create a ballot question for the 2009 Municipal Election cycle. The group needs about 5000 signatures to get the question on the ballot for next year. They have registered with the City Clerk as a Ballot Question Committee under Mass. Law.

They look forward to gathering the required signatures so that a Charter Study Committee question can be on the ballot. If successful, citizens will also be able to get nomination papers to join this elected Study Commission during the same voting cycle.

Their first fund raiser will be an Italian style meal at the VFW on June 27th. Tickets should be on sale soon. There will be a DJ and plenty of excellent conversation.

In summary, all citizens of Methuen are invited to get involved in these efforts. Donate your time, your thoughts and your signature to assisting in improving the City we all love. Further information or questions can be forwarded to

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