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The Change Management Supermodel (2011-6-30)

I must be clear. This was not my post. The original can be found here. NOOP.NL Designers will find that most organizations can be considerably improved just within the context of the bounded design. This is because the barriers to change are usually in the decision-makers’ own minds and in the organization itself. – Michael […]

FOI (2011-6-30)

FOI stands for Freedom of Information. There are Federal and State statutes that cover this. At the Municipal level we tend to use the State code. I have a standard form that I created and use repeatedly. I thought it might be instructive to track a request through the process. So, here goes. Yesterday I […]

Budget Conundrum (2011-6-26)

Some meetings require a PUBLIC notice. From the Methuen City Charter; Section 5-2. Action on the Budget. (a) Public Hearing – The City Council shall publish in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the City the general summary of the proposed budget as submitted by the Mayor by a notice stating: (1) the […]

Unheard Budget Comment (2011-6-24)

The following comments were written by a citizen who twice went to the budget hearings to speak. Due to audio problems on his first attempt, he was unable to hear the Chair ask if anyone else wished to speak. The second attempt at expressing himself was rebuffed by the chair who brusquely stated that we […]

On the Rise! (2011-6-13)

I spoke before the City Council on June 6th. I noted that there were four (4) contracts on the agenda. They were all for chemicals for the Water treatment plant. When I compared the chemical spending of the Enterprise fund for the past 5 years I noted that they are on a line of increasing […]

City Report (2011-6-13)

Whatever happened? Did you notice that we no longer get an Annual Report. I checked and we got them through the Pollard Administration. Then they ceased. The Municipal Code has the following statement; A. Chief Executive The Chief Administrator shall be the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the City government, who shall enforce the […]

Rules redux (2011-6-13)

I am back proposing new City Council Rule changes. Council does not follow the rules but we should at least correct them so, one day, we will be able to enforce and they will be useable. The following is a proposed change; METHUEN CITY COUNCIL RULES AND PROCEDURES Amended February 2008 RULE II – AGENDA […]

Law Report (2011-6-9)

The following is from the City of Methuen website. It is listed under the Solicitor tab. THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF METHUEN, MASSACHUSETTS 2000 . [Use Caution-May not be up to date] Also, here. Section 2.24. Department of Law A. The Department of Law shall consist of the City Solicitor who shall, in accordance with Chapter […]

Weiner Month (2011-6-8)

I know, you thought, because of recent news headlines that June was Weiner Month. Well, think again. There is actually a National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. They have a website,…I am not making this up.. The Council sponsors July as National Hot Dog Month. It could be the reason why Hot dogs are […]