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I spoke before the City Council on June 6th.

I noted that there were four (4) contracts on the agenda.
They were all for chemicals for the Water treatment plant.
When I compared the chemical spending of the Enterprise fund for the past 5 years I noted that they are on a line of increasing cost. [based on linear regression analysis]
The amount of water available to be consumed has remained constant over that period.
However, we have spent about $28,000,000 dollars in upgrades to the water treatment plant.
We were told that this would lead to a decrease in Maintenance costs.
I understand about inflation and the cost of business increasing.

My question to the Council was ,

“When will I see the maintenance costs level off due to the upgrade cost?

The Chair person stated that they would send that request to the appropriate department for a response.

I must congratulate the chair.

I was sent an email, on June 9th, that stated,

“At the last council meeting you asked a question at public participation regarding the water treatment plant and when its costs would stabilize. Chairman Cronin has forwarded your question to the Mayor’s office, presently he has not heard back. When this office receives an answer we will forward it to you.”

I anticipated a response, especially as the request came at budget time and from the Chairman.

Today, June 13th, I received this response.
“Chairman Cronin has sent your question regarding the water treatment plant to the Mayor (6-9-11). To date the Chair has not received a response from the mayor’s office. Chairman Cronin is suggesting that you follow up your request with the Mayor’s office and/or Chief of Staff… Thank you”

Does not bode well if the Chair of the City Council can’t get an answer.

NOTE: Here we are almost six months later…..No answer and no follow up. [12/1/2011]

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  1. #1Jack Burke @ 2011-6-27 10:53

    I guess the newest Council tactic is to ask you to reduce your comments to written form and submit. This allows them to ignore you twice for the price of admittance. Nifty move.

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