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Job Posting from City Website (2011-7-3)

Here is the two week nationwide search. The job has not even been voted upon for creation. Only the funding mechanism has been determined. Posted on the City website. July 1, 2011 Pursuant to the provisions of the Methuen Municipal Code, §6-24, the Mayor announces the following vacancy: Title of Position: Human Resource Director/Assistant City […]

Suggestion (2011-7-2)

The following are from the Municipal Code of Methuen. Check for yourself. Article I. General Sec. 3-1. Definitions Sec. 3-2. Chief Administrator(A) Chief Executive (1) Duties (2) Powers Sec. 3-2A. Temporary Absence of Mayor Article II. Departments Sec. 3-3. Departmental organization Sec. 3-4. Oaths of office Sec. 3-5. Administrative policy and procedures Sec. 3-6. Reserved […]

Know the rules… (2011-7-2)

Listening to the radio (WCCM) recently. A sitting Councilor, who is running for re-election, was asked about a Committee that she claims to be the Chair of. I have asked for proof that the Committee was formed. Curtly, was told to speak with the Solicitor. I have searched for proof. None found. The Councilor has […]