Administrative Departments

Section 6-1. Reorganization Plans by City Council.

Except as otherwise prohibited by law or the Charter, the City Council may, by ordinance, reorganize, consolidate or abolish any existing City agency, in whole or in part; establish new City agencies and prescribe the functions of any City agencies. All City agencies under the direction and supervision of the Mayor shall be headed and administered by officers appointed by him.

Section 6-2. Reorganization Plans by Mayor.

(a) The Mayor may, from time to time, prepare and submit to the City Council, reorganization plans which may, subject to applicable law and the Charter, reorganize, consolidate or abolish any City agency, in whole or in part, or establish new City agencies, as he deems necessary or expedient. Such reorganization plan shall be accompanied by an explanatory message when submitted.

(b) Every such reorganization plan shall, upon receipt by the Clerk of the Council, be referred to an appropriate committee of the City Council which shall, not more than thirty days later, hold a public hearing on the matter and shall, within ten days following such hearing, report either that it approves or that it disapproves of the plan. A reorganization plan shall become effective ninety days after the date it is received by the City Council, unless the City Council has, prior to that date, voted to disapprove the reorganization plan, or, unless a later effective date is specified in the plan. A reorganization plan presented by the Mayor to the City Council under this section may not be amended by it, but shall either be approved or rejected as submitted and shall not be subject to the objection as provided in Section 2-9(c).

Section 6-3. Publication of Reorganization Plan.

An up-to-date record of any reorganization plan under this article shall be kept on file in the office of the City Clerk and copies of all such plans shall be included as an appendix in any publication of the ordinances of the City.