This should be short and sweet.
Grants are a great way to accomplish short term or one-of-a kind applications.
The problem has become, government no longer has the luxury of increasing revenue through traditional means, without much public push back. They have turned to grants as a new means of providing services. They tout the fact that they receive grants. (not always a “bad” thing).
The trouble is they begin to use grant money to fund long term services. When the money dries up, as it always does due to grant money theory, they scream and holler about reduction in services.
Case in point. The money just released to Lawrence and Methuen by the “stimulus ” bill. This is grant money.

In fact, this is truly one-time funding. There will be no repeat funds next year and for years to come.
I have no issue with rehiring laid off workers with the money in public safety critical areas.
However, now they want to fill positions that are vacant by attrition.
Where is the long term perspective. How will we fund these positions next year and for the coming years.
The sad truth is that politicians assume the economy will expand and revenues will stream in and make life good for them and they will, again, expand the public service trough.

Hiring with grant money is a “craps” shoot. Short term–looks and feels great, usually. It is not a long term panacea for the lack of long term vision that politicians so often exhibit.

Lots of press this year, election year.

Think about your choices.

Return the politicians who got us into this mess or can we find public service minded individuals who have a vision for our city? As always, you, the voter, hold the power to determine our City future. Think and use that vote wisely.

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