How the Heck?

I attend the budget meetings each year. This year was no exception.
I saw no new Capital improvement plan as required by Section 5-3 Capital Improvement Program of the HOME RULE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF METHUEN . (Remember the document that actually sets up our government).
The old plan, City of Methuen Five Year Capital Improvement Plan FY 2009 – FY 2013, sent in as an excel spreadsheet wishlist last year does show on page 7 a drainage project for Hampshire road culvert at an anticipated cost of $40,000.
I went to the FY2010 budget and noted that on page 58 the CIP was zero funded for this year. (See page 75 of 105 in the PDF version) I also note; in the minutes from the METHUEN CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL MEETING MONDAY, June 16, 2008 – 6:30 p.m
Capital Improvement FY 2009 Budget, page 58: “0″
Councilor Zanni noted that there are things in the municipal buildings that need upgrading, in particular the west end fire station. He asked the Mayor to prioritize the items outlined in the proposed CIP. The Mayor agreed to do so.
Then I read this snippet in the Lawrence Eagle tribune;
Road to be closed in Methuen
METHUEN — City officials want people to know that Hampshire Road will be closed from Cross Street to Garabedian Way due to culvert repair this week.
My question becomes ; How does the city pay for a culvert repair listed on the CIP but with no money allocated to it’s funding and no prioritzation as promised for the projects listed.?
Don’t misunderstand, the project viability or need is not being questioned here. Only the fact that our elected officials do not provide the citizens with the information that they are required by law and right to have.

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