Union…Should we be United?

Lot’s of discussion, every where one turns. Collective bargaining, union rights, etc. etc.

What does it all mean?
Are Unions good for the economy?
Are they good for the Government?

Requiring much thought and discussion, I present a few semi-random discussions that I feel you should read, think about and they may help you either decide your position or, even better, force you to start delving deeper into the issue and creating your own reasoned approach to the subject.

Here goes.
The Economist magazine has this article;
Public-sector workers. (Government) workers of the world unite!
Public-sector unions have had a good few decades. Has their luck run out?

Move on to this blog. Strangely named but filled with one perspective on the topic.
The current article is The Trouble with Public Sector Unions
Posted on February 21, 2011 by Drae
There is a whole section devoted to :The Public Union Debate. Scroll down the right sidebar to find the section and articles.

The article that started me thinking is in National Affairs, a quarterly journal of essays about domestic policy, political economy, society, culture, and political thought. It aims to help Americans think a little more clearly about our public life, and rise a little more ably to the challenge of self-government.

Each issue features lively yet serious essays on the range of domestic issues:
from economics and health care to education and welfare;
from the legal debates of the day to enduring dilemmas of society and culture.
They devote special attention to the deeper theoretical questions of American self-government—seeking to cut through the conventional wisdom, help you make sense of complex issues, offer concrete proposals, and illuminate the ideas that move our politics.

In doing so, they strive to walk in the footsteps of our intellectual and institutional predecessor, The Public Interest, a journal that for decades enriched our public life with its unparalleled clarity and wisdom. National Affairs hopes to provide the same service to Americans addressing the problems of a new era, and to serve as a venue for a new generation of thinkers and writers seeking to influence the affairs of the nation.

Read; “The Trouble with Public Sector Unions” by DANIEL DISALVO, an assistant professor of political science at the City College of New York.

Happy reading. Be sure to check back. Leave your thoughts on this issue.

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