City Report

Whatever happened?

Did you notice that we no longer get an Annual Report.

I checked and we got them through the Pollard Administration. Then they ceased.

The Municipal Code has the following statement;

A. Chief Executive

The Chief Administrator shall be the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the City government, who shall enforce the laws of the City, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and require the faithful performance of all administrative duties and shall:

1. Duties

a. Appoint, Dismiss, Etc.

Appoint competent, qualified officers and employees to the administrative service and shall have the power to dismiss, suspend and discipline, in accordance with the Personnel System, the Charter and Civil Service Law, where applicable, all officers and employees in the administrative service under his/her control.

b. Appoint to Acting Capacity

Designate himself or some other officer or employee, as provided in the Charter, to perform the duties of any other position in the administrative service under his/her her control which is vacant or which lacks administration due to the absence or disability of the incumbent.

c. Annual Report

Prepare and present to the Council an annual report of the City’s affairs for the previous fiscal year, including a summary of reports of department heads, and such other reports as the Council shall require.

d. Budget Report

Assemble estimates of the financial needs and resources of the City for each ensuing year, and shall
prepare a program of activities within the financial power of the City, embodying in it a budget document
with proper supporting schedules and analyses.

Wouldn’t you like to see these reports again.

They used to give us insight into how the government functioned.

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