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Methuen Charter On-Line (2010-10-25)

The Methuen charter is now on-line as an HTML document. Look under maintained Sites on this blog. You can always review this document here. There is a link at that site to allow you to open and or download the Charter in PDF format from the City website.

Three Rules. (2010-10-25)

In a little over a week, we will go to the polls to vote. This is a General election. Just musing over the ballot questions here in Massachusetts. It is actually easier to get a statewide ballot question on the ballot than it is to get a local question on. Whatever you consider the proper […]

Your Cash is no good here. (2010-10-13)

All the paper money that I have states ” This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private”. Except, the City of Methuen does not accept cash from it’s citizens to pay their debts to the City. The City website states: “Cash Payments No Longer Accepted: As of August 1, 2010, cash payments […]

Charter Commission (2010-10-7)

Last Night, the Charter Commision held a public hearing and live broadcast. The topic was public input on the current proposed changes to Methuen’s charter. Here is the story in the Eagle Tribune. [ Methuen Residents call for stronger term limits] Let me note that Mr. Robert Leblanc gave a wonderful presentation of his feelings. […]

Texting Ban (2010-10-2)

Does the texting ban apply to all? Here is a post from the Boston Globe; Taken from that article is the following; “Boston police officials said that officers in traffic units across the city will be on the lookout for violators, and they plan to target young drivers, who tend to be the worst offenders […]