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Charter Commission (2010-10-7)

Last Night, the Charter Commision held a public hearing and live broadcast. The topic was public input on the current proposed changes to Methuen’s charter. Here is the story in the Eagle Tribune. [ Methuen Residents call for stronger term limits] Let me note that Mr. Robert Leblanc gave a wonderful presentation of his feelings. […]

Talent Bank redux (2010-3-23)

At a recent Methuen City Council meeting there was discussion on two topics that dealt with appointed boards. During these discussions on appointments two “issues” seem to always crop up. One issue is a quasi-distinction between paid boards and unpaid boards. The second issue is about board vacancies. Boards, by statute are boards. there is […]

Did you know? (2010-1-12)

The City maintains a Talent Bank. If you have any special talents and wish to share your ability with the City, you can apply for an unpaid position. The City website states; We are always searching for talented individuals interested in serving on Methuen’s Boards and Commissions. Please fill out the Talent Bank Application below […]

Cemetery Commission (2009-10-30)

There are things that a City does not do optimally. Some of these services should be “spun-off”. That was the reason for creation of Enterprise fund legislation. Services which are supported by funding from clients are the most common enterprise fund candidates. Water and sewer funds are common. They may require large outlays to get […]