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Big Lie Theorists. (2011-11-22)

Just to edify my readers, I will post this link. During the past few months an election cycle has taken place in the City of Methuen. The Firefighters Union was determined to make sure their candidate wins. So they began attacking his opponent. They started with the premise that “Big Lie” theory works. They told […]

What are Merit Principles? (2010-2-3)

The question was , What are Merit Principles? The United States Office of Personnel Management defines them as; SECTION 2301, TITLE 5, UNITED STATES CODE ——————————————————————————– § 2301. Merit system principles (b) Federal personnel management should be implemented consistent with the following merit system principles: (1) Recruitment should be from qualified individuals from appropriate sources […]

Civil Service and Firefighters (2010-2-2)

The Civil Service commission held hearings in Methuen about this issue. Last night at the City Council meeting it was noted that a decision has been rendered by the Commission. That decision can be read in it’s entirety here. The bottom line is the Old list-2006- will be reinstated. The City can select 15 candidates […]