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Dropped out in the 8th grade… (2011-12-28)

Well, check this out. This article was sent to me by a relative. Not sure the intent but I may drop her from my Christmas card list. Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895? This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina, Kansas, USA. It was taken from the […]

Waiver…How the heck????? (2011-12-15)

During a recent series of articles in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, information about a newly elected official in our city was disclosed. This official stated that he has lived in the city since 2008. Residence has been in the West and then the Central and again in the West district. The Official noted that he […]

Suggestion (2011-7-2)

The following are from the Municipal Code of Methuen. Check for yourself. Article I. General Sec. 3-1. Definitions Sec. 3-2. Chief Administrator(A) Chief Executive (1) Duties (2) Powers Sec. 3-2A. Temporary Absence of Mayor Article II. Departments Sec. 3-3. Departmental organization Sec. 3-4. Oaths of office Sec. 3-5. Administrative policy and procedures Sec. 3-6. Reserved […]

Methuen-Accreditation (2010-5-31)

Lot’s of discourse about High School Acreditation. Most of it was emotional rhetoric aimed at firing up the crowd. Politicos are not giving straight information to the public. They are relying upon emotional appeals instead of factual information. They are either looking at the sound bite or what will fire the anger of the crowd […]

MEA Culpa (2010-5-11)

Again, at last nights (05/10/2010) School Committee meeting we heard a rehash of Ms. Donna Gogas original Lawrence Eagle Tribune Letter to the Editor. Here is my unpublished response to that Letter. To the editor Re:Letter: Story confuses public on teachers’ pay I don’t think the public is as confused about teachers pay as Ms. […]

Reading is fun and mental! (2010-4-17)

I came across this in the meeting notes for the Methuen School Committee. They are required to vote on School Choice each year. These are the minutes from TRANSCRIPT OF PUBLIC RECORD OF THE METHUEN SCHOOL COMMITTEE BUSINESS SESSION OF May 12, 2008. I transcribed exactly as record states. (Simple cut and Paste) Please read […]

Methuen Education Association (2010-1-21)

From the National Education Association website; NEA’s Vision, Mission, and Values Adopted at the 2006 NEA Representative Assembly The National Education Association We, the members of the National Education Association of the United States, are the voice of education professionals. Our work is fundamental to the nation, and we accept the profound trust placed in […]

School Committee (2009-11-5)

Dear Mayor Manzi, I have been following the School Committee “race” in the papers. The following two articles from the Lawrence Eagle Tribune are what I reference; Methuen school committee winner to give up seat to losing incumbent Attorney to determine whether School Committee member can give seat to ‘buddy’ **And the story continues: now […]

Debt Exclusion (2009-10-9)

Here are two terms we will hear a lot about in the very near future. Override and Debt Exclusion. What is the difference? I found a clear answer at this website. I have paraphrased it below. “An Override is a permanent increase in taxes whereas a Debt Exclusion is a temporary increase in taxes. Each requires […]

Joint Session (2009-10-7)

I have a question about how the local government spends our money. [Many questions-but I'll only discuss one at a time.] I understand that we, as citizens and voters, elect both a School Committee and a City Council. The City Council is controlled by Charter, code and state law. They have the responsibility to oversee […]