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Dear Mayor Manzi,

I have been following the School Committee “race” in the papers.
The following two articles from the Lawrence Eagle Tribune are what I reference;
Methuen school committee winner to give up seat to losing incumbent
Attorney to determine whether School Committee member can give seat to ‘buddy’
**And the story continues: now read the latest, Henrick won’t resign Methuen School Committee

I believe in the end you will find that the School Committee, as a whole, gets to choose a replacement from the registered voters within Methuen.

I offer the following perspective.

I realize that if an elected member steps down, it is tempting to go to the next person on the ballot, especially the day after the election.

The Voters have already spoken and in deference to them, I would recommend that no one who ran should get the position, i.e. no one garnered 20% of the vote.

And, yes, you are right in assuming where this is going, I volunteer to serve on the School Committee to fill the unexpired term of whomever steps down, Mr. Henrick, I believe.

What are my qualifications?

I am a concerned resident of the City of Methuen.

I served on the Superintendants Task Force.

I actually graduated from a High School in Massachusetts.

My children graduated from Methuen schools.

My grandchildren attend Methuen schools now.

I have a good attendance record at City Council meetings, better than yours I believe, which should carry over to the School Committee.

If I serve on the School Committee, when would I find time to prepare to speak at each Council meeting, (a huge plus for some council members and bloggers on Disqus).

I throw my hat in the ring for consideration. You have my number–I’m waiting by the phone.

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