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Dropped out in the 8th grade… (2011-12-28)

Well, check this out. This article was sent to me by a relative. Not sure the intent but I may drop her from my Christmas card list. Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895? This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina, Kansas, USA. It was taken from the […]

Waiver…How the heck????? (2011-12-15)

During a recent series of articles in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, information about a newly elected official in our city was disclosed. This official stated that he has lived in the city since 2008. Residence has been in the West and then the Central and again in the West district. The Official noted that he […]

STIMU…wha? (2011-11-30)

So reading today’s Lawrence Eagle Tribune, I find a picture on page 3. It is titled “Rock Show”. It is not about music videos or some new fangled theater act. It is a photo op. Simply put. One complaint about this photo op is that it takes place at a time when the beneficiaries of […]

Big Lie Theorists. (2011-11-22)

Just to edify my readers, I will post this link. During the past few months an election cycle has taken place in the City of Methuen. The Firefighters Union was determined to make sure their candidate wins. So they began attacking his opponent. They started with the premise that “Big Lie” theory works. They told […]

Put Me in Charge (re-published) (2011-11-22)

Sometimes we read our mail and find a gem. I cannot offer proof of the authorship of this article. There is nothing on I, therefore, offer this as is. Read–think about–comment. This was written by a 21 yr old female who gets it. It’s her future she’s worried about and this is how she […]

Open Door or Open Government? (2011-9-29)

During the current political season, there has been much discussion about open government. That is a good thing, especially since a good understanding of open government and the underlying principles should set the tone for our city (editorial opinion). One thing I have noticed is that when the question of open government has come up, […]

?Secure? Community (2011-9-27)

According to a report in the Boston Herald on Tuesday, September 27th, Deval Patrick, our Governor, is quoted as saying,”We already send all the fingerprints we gather to the federal government. ” If this is true, and I have no reason to dispute that, my question becomes if the State of Massachusetts already sends all […]

OML Update (2011-8-23)

I received the following letter in the mail today. It resolves and Open Meeting Law [OML] violation that I filed in March. Almost 5 months after the filing. When it is posted it can be read on line here, Attorney General 2011 Determinations.(see 2011-35) Though it takes no action beyond what the City Council has […]

Roberts rules–motion withdrawal (2011-8-19)

There has been much ado about Robert’s Rules here in Methuen. I am the cause of most of it. The City Council claims, in the procedures for that group, to follow the letter unless overridden by an existing procedure. This is often not the case. I have been accused of trying to slow government action […]

Job Posting from City Website (2011-7-3)

Here is the two week nationwide search. The job has not even been voted upon for creation. Only the funding mechanism has been determined. Posted on the City website. July 1, 2011 Pursuant to the provisions of the Methuen Municipal Code, §6-24, the Mayor announces the following vacancy: Title of Position: Human Resource Director/Assistant City […]