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Lobbyist Registration (2014-2-16)

Thought that I would notify the writers at the Lawrence Eagle Tribune about “suspected” irregularity in lobbyist reporting for certain lobbyists in Methuen. Heard nothing from them. Here is a copy of the Massachusetts General Law. I applied BOLD to sections below. And here is the State website where I found registration reports; PART I […]

Lobbyist Update (2014-2-9)

So, I continue to read reports about the alleged Lobbying by my current City Councilor prior to the election. The following articles are from the Lawrence Eagle Tribune. Both on this subject. Haverhill councilor: I was duped on pot dispensary Scatamacchia feels ‘used’ by Jajuga, Fiorentini on marijuana dispensary letter. Officials dispute claims by marijuana […]

Elected Registered Lobbyist. (2014-2-7)

Never heard this information come out during the pre-election. So here for your Information…. I hope you realize that you can search for registered lobbyists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Here is the web address. So I read the local newspaper and see that my City Councillor is a registered lobbyist. I do a […]

Open (2012-3-6)

You may have noticed that my approach is to fix the existing problems and issues with municipal governent and then move on from there. Here is one that begs for repair in an age of openness. This is from the Municipal code. Section 6-1. Authorization Pursuant to the authority contained in Sections 108A and 108C […]

sleight of hand (2012-2-24)

Written originally 10/22/ 2009. I listened to the Mann Orchard town hall meeting last night. I was surrounded by my family and we all listened. I noted some egregious mis-truths perpetrated by one candidate. Political expediency seems to breed this. I was a member of two Water and Sewer Task forces. These were groups organized […]

Waiver…How the heck????? (2011-12-15)

During a recent series of articles in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, information about a newly elected official in our city was disclosed. This official stated that he has lived in the city since 2008. Residence has been in the West and then the Central and again in the West district. The Official noted that he […]

OML Update (2011-8-23)

I received the following letter in the mail today. It resolves and Open Meeting Law [OML] violation that I filed in March. Almost 5 months after the filing. When it is posted it can be read on line here, Attorney General 2011 Determinations.(see 2011-35) Though it takes no action beyond what the City Council has […]

Roberts rules–motion withdrawal (2011-8-19)

There has been much ado about Robert’s Rules here in Methuen. I am the cause of most of it. The City Council claims, in the procedures for that group, to follow the letter unless overridden by an existing procedure. This is often not the case. I have been accused of trying to slow government action […]

Job Posting from City Website (2011-7-3)

Here is the two week nationwide search. The job has not even been voted upon for creation. Only the funding mechanism has been determined. Posted on the City website. July 1, 2011 Pursuant to the provisions of the Methuen Municipal Code, §6-24, the Mayor announces the following vacancy: Title of Position: Human Resource Director/Assistant City […]

Suggestion (2011-7-2)

The following are from the Municipal Code of Methuen. Check for yourself. Article I. General Sec. 3-1. Definitions Sec. 3-2. Chief Administrator(A) Chief Executive (1) Duties (2) Powers Sec. 3-2A. Temporary Absence of Mayor Article II. Departments Sec. 3-3. Departmental organization Sec. 3-4. Oaths of office Sec. 3-5. Administrative policy and procedures Sec. 3-6. Reserved […]