Elected Registered Lobbyist.

Never heard this information come out during the pre-election.

So here for your Information….

I hope you realize that you can search for registered lobbyists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Here is the web address.

So I read the local newspaper and see that my City Councillor is a registered lobbyist.
I do a quick search and see the following.
Search detail for: Jajugaassociates,Inc
Registration year: 2014
Registration type: Entity
Address/phone: 146 Forest St Methuen, Ma, 01844 US / 978-807-0079

Client information Harris Corporation
Employed 01/01/2014
Details about your lobbyist or entity’s efforts
Jajuga Associates provides the Harris Corporation strategic direction and guidance in dealing with the Public Safety, Transportation, and Utility market sectors within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Will be interesting to see how the Council debates on these issues.

Scares me a bit that we have two registered lobbyists elected to our Council.

The second one comes up like this in a search (Lisa Yarid Ferry (Dewey Square Group, LLC)

Just thought you all should know about your elected officials.

Shame that the papers they are required to file with the City about Ethics and Conflict of interest are not posted on-line.

Guess that would be too much transparency.

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