Methuen Education Association

From the National Education Association website;
NEA’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Adopted at the 2006 NEA Representative Assembly
The National Education Association
We, the members of the National Education Association of the United States, are the voice of education professionals. Our work is fundamental to the nation, and we accept the profound trust placed in us.

Our Vision
Our vision is a great public school for every student.

Our Mission
Our mission is to advocate for education professionals and to unite our members and the nation to fulfill the promise of public education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.

Our Core Values
These principles guide our work and define our mission:

Equal Opportunity. We believe public education is the gateway to opportunity. All students have the human and civil right to a quality public education that develops their potential, independence, and character.

A Just Society. We believe public education is vital to building respect for the worth, dignity, and equality of every individual in our diverse society.

Democracy. We believe public education is the cornerstone of our republic. Public education provides individuals with the skills to be involved, informed, and engaged in our representative democracy.

Professionalism. We believe that the expertise and judgment of education professionals are critical to student success. We maintain the highest professional standards, and we expect the status, compensation, and respect due all professionals.

Partnership. We believe partnerships with parents, families, communities, and other stakeholders are essential to quality public education and student success.

Collective Action. We believe individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good. As education professionals, we improve both our professional status and the quality of public education when we unite and advocate collectively.

NEA also believes every student in America, regardless of family income or place of residence, deserves a quality education. In pursuing its mission, NEA has determined that we will focus the energy and resources of our 3.2 million members on improving the quality of teaching, increasing student achievement and making schools safer, better places to learn.

The NEA is the National organization for Educators (Teachers). This group represents state wide groups, such as the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

The MTA is the state wide organization for educators in Massachusetts. A subset of this group is the Methuen Education Association.
This group will not share it’s constitution or by-laws with the public. I have made a request to the local representative, (president), and was told that these documents were private.
What do you think of the vision of the National Organization and how it is implemented at the local level?
Shouldn’t an organization that represents public employees be open with the public about how they are organized and run? I have not asked for their financial information or any internal documents that would harm their collective bargaining positions.
I requested the simple documents that make them an organization under the law and allow them to represent the teachers who provide an education to our children.

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