Civil Service and Firefighters

The Civil Service commission held hearings in Methuen about this issue.
Last night at the City Council meeting it was noted that a decision has been rendered by the Commission.

That decision can be read in it’s entirety here.
The bottom line is the Old list-2006- will be reinstated. The City can select 15 candidates from that list.
COMMISSION ORDERS:1. HRD is to reactivate the 2006 eligible list of reserve firefighter candidates in the City of Methuen for the sole purpose of allowing the City to select 15 reserve firefighter candidates.

The city must create written transparent process for selection now and to be used in the future.
COMMISSION ORDERS:4. The City shall comply with all requirements of the civil service law and rules in making these selections. Further, prior to initiating the review of candidates, the City has agreed to notify all candidates regarding the details of the transparent review process that will be utilized.

The city must also provide written reasons why they either selected or did not select each candidate.
COMMISSION ORDERS:5. In regard to this selection process only, the City is required to notify HRD of the positive reasons for selecting all fifteen (15) candidates and the negative reasons for not selecting any of the other candidates willing to accept employment, but who are not selected.
COMMISSION ORDERS:6. HRD will determine if the reasons submitted are sound and sufficient reasons for not selecting any bypassed candidates.

I attended the Civil Service Commission hearing, held at City Hall in Methuen. I was struck by the fact that the Mayor did not walk downstairs to attend. Until I realized that all the questions which were asked at the hearing could have been answered by the Mayor, alone. He was not present so we could, nor should we conjecture as to his rational for each choice.

Let us hope that the City will finally document a fair and rational policy which they will share with the public and all applicants.
Let us get this mess behind us and move forward.

UPDATE: The Eagle Tribune has published an article about this issue. It can be seen here and includes Disqus posts.

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