Bea’s Redux

This will be short. the subject has been literally beaten to death in the past few weeks.

Though, I believe the City does have the ability to give the money back and sell the property. I also believe that a business could be placed there without violating any laws.

Quick aside, someone stated that we don’t want a business there because of the proximity to the water intake pipe. Seems they forgot that while they ate that suace sandwich at the old Bea’s, that water pipe was still there. No harm, no foul. More concerned with the Arsenic from the water upstream by old farm in Andover that was released into the Merrimack over the past three months.

So, getting back to Bea’s. I offer another scenario.
What if we ask the State to reopen the old boat ramp, under Route 93.
Whoa, slow down, I understand the problems documented by the residents.
This time, we install survellience cameras linked to the Police Department.
The cameras could be also directly sent to the web. A Boat ramp webcam. Talk about reality programming.
Maybe the locks to the gate could be shared between the Police and a neighborhood watch group or residents. The ramp gets opened every day and locked every night by the residents. The police have access, and possibly storage for their equipment. They have the area under constant scrutiny. No additional patrols and via DVD or in Methuen, tape to use in prosecution of any criminal activity.

Ok, but what about Bea’s. The original meetings between the Mayoral Commission and the residents asked for input on a park. That would still be a beautiful site for a park. A picnic site with a small childs playground. Green grass. Trees. Perhaps a canoe or kayak launch.
I seem to recall describing such a park and calling it Lafayette Crossing. In honor of Lafayette’s visit to Methuen in 1820.
We still have options. Unless the money is already spent? Haven’t seen any contracts but we didn’t see any when the first plans were published either. Someone made the plans for the city pro-bono? No, when questioned, the mayor stated that money had been spent from the Community Development account to create the earlier plans and the current plans as well.

Let the residents speak. Let them state what their desires are. The City and it’s elected officials should be cognizant that just because the State wants to offer you money may not be a reason to accept. Before more energy goes into this, listen to the residents again.

They have only requested that the neighborhood be safe from crime and the property values maintained. No one was opposed to construction of a park or a boat ramp in either site.

Methuen should be considering making the entire rivers edge a walking trail. This site could be the start of a river renaissance or the site of continued bickering. Your choice.

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