Cell Phone Ban

cell_phone_banNational Safety Council (NSC) believes it is time to ban the use of Cell Phones while driving.

Some Texas communities have banned cell phone usage while driving in a school zone.

The federal National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration recommended that drivers not use cell phones, even with hands-free equipment, while on the road except in emergencies.

We already ban school bus drivers from cell phones and texting while driving with passengers.

I propose that the City Council of Methuen ban cell phone usage in any and all city owned and operated vehicles. Similar to the MBTA ban, infractions would be handled by immediate dismissal. No exceptions.

A city operated vehicle would be any vehicle operated by a city employee during the course of their duties for which a stipend or side letter or contractually they receive payment for the use of the vehicle to conduct city business. This would mean that if we pay you for mileage or gas and you use your personal vehicle during business hours or on official city business and you use a cell phone while driving you are terminated.

This is a public safety and fiscal policy that makes sense for the City.

Let’s not put our employees or our citizens at risk if we can avoid an oppurtunity for danger or damage.

Simply restated, No cell phones for city employees while driving on city business. Caught equals dismissal. No 2 strike policy. Immediate. This needs to be written into union contracts if necessary.

Let’s do this for our safety.

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