Call to Arms.

Elections are not the only way that change can occur in a City.
The Massachusetts State Constitution allows for citizen participation.

The Charter of the City of Methuen allows for citizen participation.

I am looking for 150 persons who are willing to discuss changes to our Municipal Code.

We will hone new law and sign a petition to be presented to the City Council.

They are required to make a determination on the petition and take a public vote.

Will we win, indeterminate. Will we make a difference, absolutely.

Do you have ideas and don’t know how to approach the Council with them?

Maybe, you have approached Council and been rebuffed.

Let’s write the ideas down— put in form of a petition and the group of 150 will sign.

Exercise our rights!




Section 8-1 . Free Petition.

b) Group Petitions; Action Required – The City Council (or the School Committee), as the case may be, shall hold a public hearing and act by taking a vote on the merits of every petition which is addressed to it and which is signed by at least one hundred fifty voters. The hearing shall be held by the City Council or the School Committee, or, in either case, by a committee or sub-committee thereof and the action by the City Council or School Committee shall be taken not later than three months after the petition is filed with the City Clerk. Hearings on two or more petitions filed under this section may be held at the same time and place. The City Clerk shall mail notice of the hearing to the ten petitioners whose names first appear on each petition at least seven days before the hearing. Notice by publication at least seven days prior to all such hearings shall also be made, and shall be at public expense. No hearing shall be heard upon any one subject matter more than once in any given twelve month period.


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