Misery Index

Here is some interesting reading.
In the current edition of Bloomberg Bussinessweek can be found the following article;
Funny, It Doesn’t Feel Like a RecoveryThe recession may be technically over, but stubborn unemployment and building price pressure mean that many consumers will remain gloomy

If you have an interest in the Misery Index this link will bring you to the website.
Information on Local or global Inflation and unemployement rates can be found.
The Current Misery Index in the United States is;

High: 21.98 June 1980
Current:11.84 November 2009
Low: 2.97 July 1953

Since we are all suffering due to the economy, here is some reading that looks at what Business is doing to reduce the pain. Maybe there are clues for the municipality in this article as well. Read The impact of the recession on employers. This is a survey taken in May of 2009. fairly current.

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