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I have been extremely remiss this month. Not one post. That does not mean that I have been neglectfull. Just busy.
Flooding is still on my mind. Another flood event has just come and gone in the past week. Many times I have been asked what can be done? Lot’s of people think the City should do more for flood victims. There is some truth to that but not in the way most people perceive the Cities role.
Here is my email to my councilors. I ask for two items to be considered.
Dear Councilors,

The flooding is ending, again. The Red Cross has moved through the neighborhood passing out cleanup kits.

The City will soon start to add up all the associated costs and make a determination of how close can we get to the Federal eight (8) million dollar mark to qualify for cleanup funds.

I live in a flood plain. Here are the Historical Crests for the Spicket River.
(1) 12.14 ft on 05/16/2006– Mothers Day Flood.
Major Flood Stage:12 ft
Moderate Flood Stage:10 ft

(2) 9.86 ft on 3/16/2010
(3) 9.07 ft on 03/24/2001
(4) 9.04 ft on 04/18/2007
National Weather Service Flood Stage:9 ft
(5) 8.83 ft on 04/03/2004
(6) 8.53 ft on 02/27/2010
United States Geological Survey (USGS) Flood Stage:8 ft
(7) 7.54 ft on 05/27/2005
(8) 7.52 ft on 10/16/2005
(9) 7.02 ft on 03/09/2008
(10) 6.53 ft on 03/23/2003
USGS Action Stage:6.5
(11) 5.70 ft on 05/18/2002

Why do I send this information? The answer is simple.

The data shows that every year since 2000, the Spicket has flooded our neighborhoods. The only exception is 2009. The response has always been to total up the City costs and apply for federal funds.

I ask that we become a bit more proactive.

I ask that the most flood prone roads n my area;

Canobieola Road, west of Venice Road for about 200 feet (to the mailbox in front of 45 Canobieola;

Cross Street at the Old pumping Station (where Harris Brook meets the Spicket) and

from Danielian Way ( about 60 Cross Street) to about Pelham Street (near 32/34 Cross Street)

be placed on the Capital Improvement Plan.

I would like these areas re-designed to avoid closure during flood stage. This would allow residents a means of ingress and regress during flood events and reduce the cost of police and fire services during flooding in the long term.
Basically raise the roads above the flood water and provide water flow under these raised roads. This would reduce the closures and use of DPW workers and Police in these areas, each year.

In the mean time, before we can afford to implement these improvements;
I recommend that the Emergency Management and Police and DPW get together and create a volunteer group ( or paid at costs less than patrol officers) of Flood Wardens. Their task would be to put out,under the direction of these departments, the closure saw horses and barrels and in place of police, monitor all flooded streets, allowing two benefits.
The first would be allowing the police and DPW to focus on their currently assigned jobs.
Secondly, it would reduce the costs to the City and not impact public safety adversely.
The concept is similar to flagmen at construction sites but in this instance these persons would be deputized to patrol flooded streets in place of more expensive police.

I thank you for your consideration of my proposals.

I am always available to further discuss these proposals.

So, dear reader, what do you think. Isn’t the role of the City to provide for the Commenweal of it’s populace?
Even understanding that the City, via its own zoning rules and zoning overrides, has had a hand in the flooding, I only ask that the City provide a means of escape from flood water for persons in these flood plains. The City should contain it’s costs by using lower paid personnel or volunteer persons to man the flood gates at streets that become impassable.
I do not ask for the impossible, only the expediant and, over time, most probable actions that the City can take.
These actions can be taken in any location of the City that suffers from annual flood events. I only list my area, as that is what I am most familiar with. Similar action should be contemplated across the City to mitigate the City cost while providing a means of escape for persons who live in these areas.

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