Support a Deployed Soldier: Offer Your Landscape Services to a Family in Need

GreenCare for Troops is a nationwide outreach program initiated by Project EverGreen that connects participating landscape maintenance professionals and citizen volunteers with families of the men and women away from home serving our country in the Armed Forces.

Lawn and landscape maintenance becomes a definite hardship when a military family’s primary breadwinner is on active duty away from home.

GreenCare for Troops seeks to ease this burden by helping affected families with the important task of caring for their yard and landscape. Landscape professionals and citizen volunteers donate their services to the military families for one year or the duration of their deployment.

How it Works
Based in New Prague, Minn., Project EverGreen is a national non-profit organization representing the green industry service providers, associations, suppliers, distributors and individuals.
The link between the families and the volunteers is done at the Project EverGreen headquarters.
If a volunteer is located in the area of a military family, the military family is contacted by telephone or email with the volunteer’s information.
For privacy reasons, it is the military family’s responsibility to contact the volunteer.

To date, more than 9,000 military families and more than 2,400 volunteers nationwide have registered with GreenCare for Troops.

To volunteer your services, simply complete and submit a brief on-line registration form on the Project EverGreen GreenCare for Troops website at

Donations are also welcome.

The cost of this program is underwritten by Cub Cadet.
Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel and Cub Cadet have teamed up and created a You Tube video. The video can be seen here. The video is on Discovery Channel here.

This appeal was copied and edited from numerous landscaping website.

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