Quinn the Mighty…

The Supreme Judicial Court has issued an opinion.
Not this week, but back in March of this year.
Oh, you hadn’t heard.
No doubt with Unions negotiating with the City we have not heard a peep about it.
Not a sound in the Eagle Tribune Community.
They are owned by CNHI Publications, also owners of the Salem News, The Daily News of Newburyport and the Gloucester Times newspapers.
I understand that not all news in one community is interesting or relevant to another.
However in May 10, 2009 The Tribune wrote an editorial entitled “Our view; Don’t stick communities with Quinn Bill costs”.
One would think, when the SJC rules along those lines it would get reported locally.
Only the Gloucester Times reported that note.
In the story of March 11, 2012, “Officials weigh cops’ ‘Quinn Bill’ ruling

As reported on the website for Nolan Perroni Harrington, LLP;
The Supreme Judicial Court today (March 7, 2012) issued its long awaited decision in the Quinn Bill case involving the City of Boston and its police officers (Adams v. City of Boston, SJC – 10861–see below link).
The case at issue involved a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) provision allowing the City to reduce Quinn Bill payments in the event that the Commonwealth reduced its reimbursement to the City.

Basically, the Court has held that the Quinn Bill (GL c. 41, Sec. 108L) requires that Cities and Towns only pay 50% of the benefit due, plus whatever amount the Commonwealth contributes by way of reimbursement. The court determined that the employer was only to pay half, plus any amount they receive from the State.

Read Court decision

Will we continue to pay or …

Thought you might like to know.

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