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Some of you may recall the older commercials on television, I believe they were sponsored by the NAACP. The gist was that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”.
So much truth in that.
I ask that you not waste your mind on innuendo and seek the facts behind what politocos and others tell you.
Case in point.[Disclaimer: I am a member and executive of the Group]

Citizens for a Better Government is a group dedicated to the creation of an ELECTED Charter Study Commission on a regular basis.
That is it. No hidden agenda, no secret handshake.
As with any group, it is made up of individuals who believe that government is OWNED by the citizens that it serves.
They are INDIVIDUALS. They have differing opinions and viewpoints. Not always agreeing on every issue.
When the group began, we asked all who joined to help us generate a list of “items” that a charter covers that could or should be discussed if the Commission were successfully created.
Because the group also believes in open and transparent government, we have published that list on our website. (see List).
This is not a group agenda. Not all bullets on the list are even items for discussion at a commission.

Some persons are circulating lsts from the website and claiming they are the “Hidden agenda” of the group.

Do not be fooled.

Individual members of the group as citizens and thinking members of this City have diverse opinions on various issues.

The Groups Goal and Agenda is simply to put a ballot question before the voters every decade to REVIEW the charter of our City.

Members have collected signatures from 6000+ of our fellow citizens. We have gotten the question before the voters.

We are only asking that you Vote YES on question #1.

Create the Charter Review Commission.

Vote for 9 members to represent you on that Commission. Choose members, not based on agendas, but based on YOUR assessment that those individuals will seriously, honestly and openly review our Charter. They will make recommendations that will be in the best interest of you, neighbors, friends and citizens of this wonderfull city.

Go to the Commissions public hearings and give your input on what will make Methuen’s government run more effectively and efficiently toward making this  a better place over the next decade.

In about two years the output of your elected Commission will be sent to you and placed on the ballot. You, the residents of Methuen, will vote on the recommendations. Yes or No.

That is the simple Goal and agenda of Citizens for a Better Government. We will probably not hibernate, but in 10 years will again roar into full life again. Moving the same simple agenda. Gather signatures. Create a ballot question. Create a Charter Review Commission. Let the Citizens of this City decide on their government.

Don’t be fooled and don’t waste your mind on the innuendo and gossip that sometimes passes as fact in this city.

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