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Watch Out #1 (2009-11-24)

Today was my first foray into radio. I have a segment, monthly, on the Politically Active radio program that features Jamie Atkinson, George Scione and J.J. Huggins. Here is the full text of todays segment on Health issues; An old English proverb and rhyme dating back to 1639 is: Jack Sprat could eat no fat. […]

Cell Phone Ban (2009-11-21)

National Safety Council (NSC) believes it is time to ban the use of Cell Phones while driving. Some Texas communities have banned cell phone usage while driving in a school zone. The federal National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration recommended that drivers not use cell phones, even with hands-free equipment, while on the road except […]

Common Cause Award Criteria (2009-11-21)

Ever wonder what the criteria may be to win a Common Cause Massachusetts E-Government Award? The City of Methuen prominently displays the logo at the top of their home page (when the system is up). Here is the criteria as published by Common Cause. e-Government Award Recipients: In order to qualify for an e-Government Award, […]

Scuttlebutt (2009-11-18)

Heard on the radio; credit to Jamie Atkinson and George Scione. Ken Willett, 3-term City Councilor, soon to be 3-term School Committeeman, Member Commission on Disabilities, executive with Methuen Exchange Club,  will definetly run for Mayor in 2011. Rumor has it that James Jajuga, a retired State Police drug investigator, six-term state senator and former secretary […]

Exercise (2009-11-18)

Received this in an email. Decided to share. Enjoy. **************************************************************************** Importance of Walking **************************************************************************** Walking 20 minutes can add to your life. This enables you at 85 years old to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at $7000 per month. **************************************************************************** My grandpa started walking five miles a day when he was […]

Bea’s Redux (2009-11-15)

This will be short. the subject has been literally beaten to death in the past few weeks. Though, I believe the City does have the ability to give the money back and sell the property. I also believe that a business could be placed there without violating any laws. Quick aside, someone stated that we […]

Come Clean (2009-11-15)

It is time for the City to live up to the rhetoric of Openness and Transparency. During this past campaign, a request was made to open the city books. Create a process and procedure that allows the Cities records, which for the most part are public records, to be posted on the City website. There […]

Making Cents? (2009-11-13)

Start with a unilateral program announced as if it were created by the City Council. (see: Make an announcement that the process will be overseen by the Council Chairperson. Whatever happened to this “program”? Exactly what most people assumed. Suggestion programs are notoriously difficult to set up and run successfully. Here is another example. […]

Police reserves (2009-11-13)

Reading the local paper is not good for your heart. Today, front page, is an article entitled,”Still no new reserve police selections in Methuen “. Quoting from the article, Bowman noted that Lavigne testified at a previous hearing that police had a “business need” to pick 12 reserves, but almost three months after Bowman’s order […]

Thank a Veteran (2009-11-11)

Today is Veterans Day. All the years that I worked, I never had this day off. It always seemed that non-vets got the time. They went to parades and relaxed. It bothered me, but I knew that veterans don’t enlist and serve for themselves. There is always on some level an unselfishness. Each Veteran served […]