Are they people?

The United States Supreme Court, without the use of stem cells has created a new person.
What science has been unable to do and what so many have feared, since Mary Shelley,and Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus has come into existence.
Starbucks, Sears, Roebuck and Comcast or Verizon are now people.
They have the right of free speech.
In a decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission the Supreme Court has taken what normal people considered as an entity and what lawyers refer to as a person and given it life.
Only someone trained in the law could take a term that was used to compare a sole proprietorship and a corporate structure and imbue it with life.
Can a corporation now register to vote? Can it register for the draft when it reaches 18 years of age? Can a corporation be stillborn?
First, a corporation may, before the bar, be considered as a person, or single entity, but I wont perform any marriage ceremony for two of them to marry, no matter their inclination.
How far removed from reality must we get to consider money as a form of speech and then to take a comparative term, person, and breathe life into it.
If you do not see the logic in this Court decision, contact your Congress person and Senator.
You can contact MassPirg, Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group. They have a notice which you can sign onto about this decision.

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