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Found this section of the Mass DEP website. They list Orders and Consent Decrees issued during a year.

I sorted, using the Find function, by Methuen and this came up for last year , 2009.

2/18/09: MassDEP issued a Unilateral Order and $14,000 Penalty Assessment Notice to Kim’s Cleaners for Hazardous Waste and Air Quality violations in Methuen. MassDEP randomly selected and inspected the facility in September, 2007 as chosen by the Environmental Results Program. A Notice of Noncompliance was issued in October, 2007 due to air quality and hazardous waste violations observed during the inspection. A follow-up inspection determined that the violations were continuing at Kim’s Cleaners. An enforcement conference was held and a negotiated penalty determined in August 2008. Kim’s Cleaners, however, failed to sign a Consent Order with Penalty. As a result of the violations observed and the subsequent unsuccessful negotiation, MassDEP issued today’s actions to Kim’s Cleaners

This was the only address that came up on a Google Search for Kim’s Cleaners in Methuen.
Kim’s Cleaners
85 Swan St
Methuen, MA 01844-5048
(978) 685-4979

Then I located this one;

3/9/09: MassDEP executed a Consent Order with a $39,800 Penalty involving R & D Development Realty, LLC, for Wetlands violations off Howe Street in Methuen. The property is currently under development by R & D as a residential single and multi family subdivision with an 18-hole golf course.[Emerald Pines Golf Club] In August 2008, MassDEP found during a regular inspection (and a third party monitor) that insufficient stormwater and erosion controls had resulted in sedimentation to bordering vegetated wetland (BVW) at seven separate areas of the site. Additionally, a small amount of incorrect clear cutting and grading altered BVW in an additional area resulting with all BVW impact totaling 4,425 square feet. The violations also included non-compliance with a local permit (order of conditions) and a water quality certificate issued by MassDEP for this project. Today’s Order requires full restoration (some of which was immediately performed through removal of siltation) and long term monitoring. MassDEP has agreed to suspend $29,800 of the Penalty pending full compliance by 10/31/13.

The wetlands portion of the program is overseen by;
Wetlands Preservation, Inc. (WPI)
47 Newton Road
Plaistow, NH 03865
603 382-3435
and also at;
475 Ipswich Road
Boxford, MA 01921
978 352-7903
Fax: 603 382-3435

The President of WPI is Curtis R Young of Plaistow. He is a CERTIFIED Wetland SCIENTIST registered with the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE Board of Natural Scientists.

This project will require six (6) wells ,[Word doc],to support the landscape of the Golf Course. Hope the wells will be properly documented and registered with the Board of Health.

Then there are two seperate notices for the Appleyards property

3/16/09: MassDEP executed a Consent Order with the city of Methuen for Waste Site Cleanup violations at 7 Lowell Street in Methuen. As owners of the property, the city has agreed to deadlines for submitting phased cleanup reports and a final response outcome. The site originally reported the gasoline release in 1991, and today’s enforcement action will lead to the cleanup of gasoline and fuel oil-contaminated groundwater and soil emanating from the removal of an underground storage tank and an above ground storage tank.

11/10/09: MassDEP entered into an Amended Consent Order with a $2,000 Penalty with the city of Methuen for Waste Site Cleanup violations at 7 Lowell Street in Methuen. As owners of the property, the city has agreed to cleanup requirements and MassDEP and the city have agreed to an extended timeline for a phase four remedy implementation plan. In addition, the city agreed to submit a final response action outcome statement to complete the cleanup of the site. This site has been in MassDEP’s release notification system since 1991. The property was a former trucking site.
Today’s enforcement action will lead to the final cleanup of gasoline-contaminated groundwater and soil at the site and construction of a park.

Must have misunderstood the city plans to put a parking lot there. Oh, the order is a typo. It meant construction of a park for cars.

Wouldn’t it be nice of the City to publish the extended timeline and the Implementation plan.

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