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I was struck this morning by the following Sound-off in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune;  Police hiring

I would like to respond to Mayor Manzi’s article in Sunday’s newspaper. I’m disgusted with his response to the reasons why the officers weren’t hired. I think he’s just scrambling to say anything to cover himself. I hope the public sees right through his lies because it’s election time, and as long as he’s in office, Methuen politics will be corrupt.

This, sound-off,  is a response to an article in Sunday paper, which I have provided a link to, entitled,

Mayor releases reasons for bypassing police candidates http://www.eagletribune.com/archivesearch/local_story_276222735.html

I just wish to add the following from the Civil Service commission Report. (link:  Case No:I-09-290 ).

FINDINGS OF FACT:  “On August 3, 2009 at 8:55 A.M., the same day as the hearing before the Commission on this matter, Ms. McCarthy faxed a five-page letter, signed by the Mayor, to HRD listing the selection reasons associated with six of the selected candidates and the non-selection reasons associated with twelve (12) of the candidates. At the Commission hearing, the City acknowledged that the document was still not complete as it did not contain the non-selection reasons of Appellant Sciacca. (See fax dated 8/3/09 and Testimony of Ms. McCarthy)

For at least six (6) of the candidates recommended for appointment, including the five (5) candidates in Band 8 related to a current or former employee of the City of Methuen, there appear to be three documents prepared by the City at three different times in order to summarize the candidate in question. As referenced in the above findings, Document 1 is an internal document that appears to have been prepared by the detective(s) responsible for completing the background check. Document 2 contains the initial reasons for selection that were submitted to HRD by the City on May 21, 2009. Document 3 is a revised set of selection reasons submitted to HRD on August 3, 2009.

While the internal documents provides a more candid overview of some the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, the documents provided to HRD omit any negative information in a manner that leaves the reader of the second and third document with a different impression of some of the candidates.”

As noted in the findings, the City, in addition to other issues noted in the conclusions above, failed to submit documents to HRD in a timely manner, failed to submit requests for extensions in writing, notified candidates they weren’t being selected for appointment four months before submitting bypass reasons to HRD and, when the reasons were finally submitted to HRD, they were incomplete.”

Draw your own conclusions.

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